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FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 10:00pm EDT
and try to figure out how is lindsay lohan again free to walk the streets. and mr. colbert goes to washington. all that and much more coming up. first, a look at geraldo's exclusive interview with new york mayor corey booker. >> i know you want to involve the community but i have been around long enough to have lived through oceanville and brownsville and when we decentralized public schools in new york city and it was a disaster. >> you are not suggesting that, are you? >> we don't want to see repeating the mistakes of the past that can't be done but we see candidates all the time if my political team during the time i'm running for reelection can knock on 40,000 doors, if what if we all joined forces and went out in the community and had a different kind of conversation. does it mean everyone will agree he? no. most americans and most newarkers agree on most issues. great teachers should get celebrated and rewarded. kids need more time on task. more learning time. there are a lot of generalities that are ingredients to high performing schools that most newarkers will come to t
FOX News
Sep 19, 2010 1:00am EDT
the seal is holding. and now back to "geraldo at large". , go to fox >>> hello. hey, lindsay. have you been drinking? >> no. >> really, then why is your ankle bracelet did going off? >> that means that my table is ready at the cheesecake factory. wake up. pull it together. you have been getting with the drunks, take it from me. >> okay, okay. you turned your life around maybe i can, too. >> go get them. >> kimberly: a crime time in prime time alert. maybe lindsay lohan should have taken her own advice. failed her latest drug test and may be headed back behind bars. on twitter she laid it out. regrettably i did fail my most recent drug test and film' asked i will appear before judge fox next week as a result. i'm taking responsibility for my actions and i'm prepared to face the consequences. what is next for ms. lohan? we will ask the crime time all-star panel tonight. we have them here in new york, usually he is in d.c. all nea here tonight. any chance, by the way everyone said it was wrong she doesn't have a drug problem and it was a big mistake and now this. >> that clip is
FOX News
Sep 13, 2010 1:00am EDT
in that situation before. i would like to apologize to anybody that i hurt. >> you seem to be acting like a lindsay lohan wannabe in this manner. >> what a good judge. my wife and daughters have a love hate thing with snooky her show the entire genre of reality whethers housewives the real world the jersey shore, but isn't the judge absolutely right. aren't they scripted shows acted out by big breasted or hard bodibod bodied amateurs. one and old t casablanca of eulr on-line the awful truth. welcome both of you. nice to see you. what's the awful truth. are they scripted, does it matter? >> of course. it's completely scripted just like the hills was. that was a big scandal. the hills was scripted. it's really like the hills except with more booze and bigger they are getting into a lot more trouble. i love that i am on the show thatour wife was raled sdoe. we were talking about true blood and you bring me on when your wife left the show, huh? >> true and true blo tod i thin it's the finale tonight. s hung up on mow at 9:00. i guess it's over now. >> are the people dumb or desperate the player
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)